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I Take it Back

Has anyone ever regretted something that they said the second after they said it? I mean, thats kind of a stupid question. Obviously, everyone has felt that way. Today, my friends and I took an AP World test that was actually pretty hard. So of course, everyone was anxiously awaiting their grades after school. I […]

College Stress

Hi! I hope everyone is having a great day/week. I want to talk about a topic today that has been giving me a load of stress recently. This ball of scariness and uncertainty is called COLLEGE ADMISSIONS. Yes, I am only a sophomore in high school, but you’d be surprised how often college comes up […]


The first ever topic on this blog is one that is the center of lots of conversations nowadays. It’s highly debated, usually between teens and parents. I’ve spent hours upon hours mesmerized by the content and creativity on this app. Okay, I’m done with the guessing game. Two syllables, TikTok. First of all, I want […]

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